Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Win her with dinner; food, booze and tunes for cooking up the perfect evening

Author: Doug Veith
Pages: 154
Format: Hardcover

Witty, urbane, "pun"-y, but a cookbook for non cooks. Many recipes just tell how to bring prepackaged foods together in a tasty and, hopefully, romantic way. From What is it Really: Lamb Chops, Veggies and Salad to What to Tell her is it: Pan seared, rosemary infused Lam Rib Chops with oven roasted jams, blanched sugar snap peas and mesclun salad with feta cheese, the book is about easy menu design and does deliver a wow factor. A useful tool book for a non cook and for a date at home.

The best part of the book is the Play This list of dinner music. From Joe Jackson to Chet Baker to Charles Mingus to Tom Waits - an eclectic mix of music that sounds cool.

Recipes copied - just the play list of songs

Verdict: Get it from the library


  1. I'll reserve it today. We are always looking for new dinner music (to hear over the roar).

  2. Thanks for the review! Good to know the book is still getting some attention!
    Doug Veith